The software for tachograph data evaluation

Tachograph Remote-Download (RDL) with LOSTnFOUND® LnF PILEUS topview freigestellt


With the end device LOSTnFOUND® PILEUS and ConnectedTachograph© there is a cost-effective, web-based complete solution for the secure analysis of driver and vehicle data and automatic remote access of the data. In this way, reading signed driver and vehicle data, as well as transferring it by mobile communications are automated. The download can be carried out without the vehicles having to be on the company grounds. At the central office only a company card needs to be placed in a card reader.

  • Status and location and movement of the vehicle displayed on a map
  • Display of current FMS data: consumption, fuel level, speed, etc.
  • Display of current tachograph data, driving and rest periods
  • Display of cooling temperatures, tire pressure, additional signals
  • Geographic zones with alarm options
  • Smartphone app with navigation, task-management and work-reports


The data of the tachograph and the driver cards are seamlessly transferred to the TachoPlus cloud and were there lawfully archived and evaluated. TachoPlus monitors archiving gaps in case of absence of data. Local TachoPlus installations can be integrated via a cloud interface.