The software for tachograph data evaluation


Tachograph data archiving and analysis


angebote einzel 156x156TachoPlus Archiv-PC is a comprehensive tachograph data solution for small to medium companies for one workstation. TachoPlus Archiv-PC fulfills the legal regulations for saving and controlling driver card data and tachographic data.


  •  Read and display driver cards and files
  •  Direct data acquisition from many Downloadkeys
  •  Secure data archiving with control of missing data
  •  Clear and complete graphical representation
  •  Meaningful weekly and monthly reports
  •  Driver instruction and certification activities
  •  Malfeasance in accordance with EU Regulation 561/2006 & EC 2002/15, DE-FPersV, AETR, CH-ARV 1 & 2
  •  Collect and evaluate possibilities of correction, absences and additional work
  •  Preflight and provision of data for control authorities
  •  Automated sending of driver card data via e-mail
  •  SQL database with automatic data backup


A company itself needs the information about the driving, working and rest periods of the driver found on the driver card. It is also important that this information be displayed on the screen or printed without a lot of hassle. The data are used to keep track of the driver's activities and can be a basis for planning future work shifts.
Any hardware components based on EU standards (Siemens VDO® Download Key, Actia® D-Box, Stoneridge® Optac, and many others) can be used for this type of data exchange. 
A calender feature displays information about the current state of the archiving process and warns if specified archiving cycles for driver cards and vehicle data are not adhered to. The data archiving uses a professional SQL database and provides a maximum of security against the loss of very expensive data through automated data backups. 
tachoplus archiv ep
TachoPlus Archiv-PC also easily handles substitute data, for example, for trips without a driver card and the creation of correction logs after incorrect tachograph operation, for example, when the driver forgets to switch the tachograph during a break. 
Options such as a download cable, an autonomous reading station as well as software for the automated analysis of tachograph charts mean you have everything you need to handle all your everyday fleet needs.

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