The software for tachograph data evaluation



angebote cloud 156x156TachoPlus-Cloud is the online application for archiving and analysis of tachograph data. Without investment in the IT infrastructure is a highly efficient solution available that offers more than just meet the legal requirements. Without additional expense of access from anywhere is possible in the network and the data from many telematics systems are applied automatically. With high standards in data security and a thoroughly competent customer support TachoPlus cloud meets the highest standards.


TachoPlus available on the Internet as an online solution available and guarantee the full function range of TachoPlus. The flexible and affordable pricing makes the short-term scaling to the needs of each customer.


24hAccess at any time irrespective of location

Whether available in operation, at home or with the notebook in the car, from everywhere around the clock.



rocketAvailable immediately without installation

Thanks to Remote Desktop is fully integrated into the Windows environment without any installation.



downloadAllways up to date

The latest program updates and features are always in stock.



support cleanedCompetent support

A central helpdesk ensures a competent customer support. In addition to technical support, we also take good care within the scope of a concern.



stock chartNo investment costs

You only pay for what is effectively required , based on the number of active drivers. Investment and maintenance costs in their IT infrastructure fall away .



keyHigh data security

Daily backup and mirrored disks are included. Modern encryption technology protects against foreign access.



switch offAutomatic data transfer

The remote download of vehicles on telematics systems can be easily integrated. With data upload via email or web and connection of terminals download the data
included automatically.


database taskMove your TachoPlus in the Cloud

Full data transfer with existing TachoPlus applications to the cloud and vice versa.
TachoPlus Cloud cleaned

TachoPlusCloud cleaned



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