The software for tachograph data evaluation

Available languages

TachoPlus tries to support all European languages. The languages can TachoPlus-Enterprise dynamically different departments / groups or individual riders will be assigned. If you require a language not yet available urgently, they can help us create the translation file.


Language Code
German (Deutsch) DEU
English (English) ENG
Italian (Italiano) ITA
French (Francais) FRA
Bulgarian (Bulgarski) BUL
Czech (Cesky) CES
Danish(Dansk) DAN
Latvian (Lettisch) LAV
Russian(Russisch) RUS
Slovak (Slovakisch) SLO
Spain (Espanol) SPA
Flemish (VLS) VLS
Macedonia (Mazedonisch) MAC
Portugues (Portugiesisch) POR
Polish (Polnisch) POL
Nederlands (Niederländisch) NLD



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