The software for tachograph data evaluation

«TachoPlus» performance packages, customized to your needs

The complete tachograph data solution for any size company. For anyone, from single drivers to large fleets. Fulfills legal regulations (EU Ordinance 561/2006 and Working Time Directive 2002/15/EC) for saving and controlling driver card data and tachographic data.


TachoPlus main software modules


angebote einzel 85x85

TachoPlus PC

Archiv-PC - Single workstation solution for small businesses.



angebote server 85x85

TachoPlus SERVER

Archiv-S - Performance package for middle-sized companies using servers.



angebote firma 85x85


Enterprise - For companies with multiple workstations and/or multiple sites.



angebote cloud 85x85

TachoPlus CLOUD

All products are also available in a cloud solution.



angebote freedriver 85x85

TachoPlus Freedriver

Check your drivercard.

View-only software for free




TachoPlus Add-on modules




module expert 80x80


With this add-on module TachoPlus gets even more professional features, otherwise only the authorities are available.




module scant 80x80
The previous diagram discs can be recorded with any scanner and automatically combined with de digital data, so the use time of drivers have been fully recorded. For better efficiency, a specialized feed scanner can be used in a variety of gauges.




module supplements 80x80
Allows the definition and collection of fees seths, differentiated by employee groups. The additional working hoursand absences can be defined and recorded free.




module shifttimes 80x80
Separate timing for configurable day or night, can be represended in the reports in separate columns.





module fsk 80x80
With an applied on the license, tamper-and forgery-proof RFID seal the driver can simultaneously be controlled by their reading of the driver card and his driver's license with the contactless reader. The documentation of evidence and tracking of schedules are fully integrated into TachoPlus.




module bus 80x80
In passenger transport bus service, the special break regulations are taken into account. With the capture accurately on the "Out of scope" entry on the tachograph can be easily created in the mixing operation, the fuel tax accounting.




module time 80x80
The TachoPlus time recording allows you to record the working hours of not moving employees via electronic time clocks. The working hours of the personnel moves alternately or does other work, can be combined seamlessly. TachoPlus creates evaluations according to configurable working time models, the pay program available then.




module statistik 80x80
Statistical evaluations of transgressions and faults (with expert module), comparisons between departments and mandates.



*Customized modules on request