The software for tachograph data evaluation




module bus 150x150This module mainly consists of three different units:


  • Set of tank events
  • Refund of the fuel tax
  • Calculation of monthly mileage


On the one hand , this module is able to generate a monthly statement of mileage per vehicle. You can see at a glance how many of kilometers in travel and how many of them were covered in regular service .
On the other hand, can be done in the easiest way, the application for refund of the fuel tax , which is modeled on the original document. They just need to sign and to direct to the competent authority about this application .
Furthermore, they have the ability to capture tank events , to then recover on this basis the fuel tax .
The average fuel consumption is calculated on the mileage and the distance traveled . In addition, they have an accurate view what vehicles have what fuel consumption, and optimize the company according to their own ideas when needed.
In addition, it can be detected when each driver has fueled as much fuel as well as enter additional information (eg, gas station prices, vehicle information, etc.) .



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