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The digital tachograph is now implemented in over six years and is used in nearly every fleet. Many have become quite used to the procedures in the operation of the tachograph and perform the required data downloads of the tachograph and driver card through regularly. But how can the data be used wisely for the operation?


Apart from using the data from the working time control to payroll data but should also improve the compliance of the rest periods may be used. Many police departments are now equipped with software for the detection of violations. This can be very expensive also. This usually is the ignorance of the precise interpretation of EU Regulation 561/2006, the cause of sensitive high fines.


Not rare to come but also examples of poor evaluations to by the authorities. It often happens that violations are listed that can not withstand closer examination. The name of the transgressions are each very inaccurate, such as eg. UTC-time "or similar indications. This is the part nor the poor quality of regulatory analysis programs that require additional review required by a qualified civil servants - which unfortunately does not always happen. Victims and are then usually paying the driver and often his superior.


What can you do? In any case, it is worth a meticulous follow the suspect violations. And this is best done with a program that is strong in violation analysis. We like to mention here that our product has TachoPlus according to the unanimous opinion of the police agencies and prosecutors for a variety of transgressions very great accuracy. If you are in the interpretation of the law are not sure it makes sense to ask an expert.


Some of the previously most frequently encountered errors in the penalty notices are:


* Times are in GMT time instead of local time
* Do not consider the hand records of drivers (eg, pausing)
* Not included weekly rest period compensation
* Miscalculations in the steering breaks
* Miscalculations in the daily rest period while crossing midnight


For most entrepreneurs, it will be difficult to prove the error in the speeding ticket competent, and incurring equal to a lawyer, the whole thing even more expensive.

TachoPlus offers all customers, as well as the (still) non-customers a free opportunity to examine the fine-independent decisions. We see this service as a thank you (if you already are a customer) or as a promotional measure (for non-customers), which we want to bring the benefits of TachoPlus closer.

How can they accept the free legal information service?


1. Send us a copy of the full penalty notices (with the address of the authority) by fax or scan better than e-mail.
2. Send a copy of the driver card data for the affected time period.
3. Similarly, the download of the affected vehicles in the time domain.
4. Enter your questions and comments, and they give us their contact information with e-mail address.


What does TachoPlus?

1. We ensure confidentiality of all submitted their data. We keep them under lock and enter it on only to specific investigations to experts and lawyers.
2. We evaluate the data accurately and compare them with the speeding ticket.
3. We prepare their hands a report of all violations and submit recommendations for further action.
4. We contacted the appropriate authorities and make them aware of incorrect violations.
5. We give them the address of a lawyer if they want to then take legal action or must.


Currently we can process penalty notices from Germany, Austria and Switzerland (only VAR1). The process usually takes less than 5 days.



Existing customers:

Send the documents and files to their TachoPlus seller, who will forward it to headquarters.


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